Restore iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6 On Your iPhone

This post is for all the adventurous early adopters of the gorgeous iOS 7 beta. And for whatever reasons are looking to restore your iPhone back to iOS 6. You maybe unhappy with the whole beta experience, choosing to prfer a less changeable, buggy iPhone software. Or you just want to put the official iOS 7 software on your iPhone when it releases, as a complete package possibly in early September. Whatever your reasons, the downgrage is a fairly straightforward process and here is how you go about it;

  1. First of all, back up your iPhone using iTunes (or iCloud, if you don’t mind the restore taking a long time).
  2. Then, download the proper ipsw file for your particular iPhone device. If you have an iPhone 5, you’ll need iOS 6.1.4. For all others, use 6.1.3.
  3. Restore your iPhone OS. You can do this via one of these two methods mentioned below;
iTunes iPhone 5 Restore

iTunes iPhone 5 Restore

The first method is to put your iPhone into Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. You do this by;

  • Holding down the Home and the Wake/Sleep power button for ten seconds and then letting go of the Wake/Sleep button and still holding the Home button down for another eight seconds or so. If and when you see the “connect to iTunes” prompt, you are in DFU mode.
  • The second method is to connect your iPhone to iTunes via the 30 pin or Lightning cable that came with your device. Once connected, you’ll need to cancel the update process (if you use iTunes to sync). Now click on the name of your iPhone on the left hand side of iTunes. You’ll need to now hold the Option key down on your iPhone and click on the Restore iPhone button. A dialog box will open; navigate to and open the ipsw file you downloaded in the second step. Remember to turn off Find My iPhone on your iOS device or iTunes might pop up with a reminder like the one below.

Wait for iTunes and your iPhone to finish doing their thing. If all goes well you should have a spanking new iOS 6 install on your iPhone. If you have a recent backup of your phone data, you can be up and running quickly. Enjoy your iPhone in all its iOS 6 glory!

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