Podium Renders – Post Processed

Podium renders are absolutely great. Let me get that straight right at the beginning. It is one of the first few rendering engines / programs to have been developed around SketchUp. Extremely easy to start producing great looking images, with great light and shadow physics. There is a phenomenal online support forum and a constantly developing and evolving application.

I’ve experimented with various post processing techniques before settling onto one methodology that I currently use. A quick preview below. Rollover mouse to see the before and after image.



A detailed tutorial to follow soon. Please find a larger preview of the images below. Click to enlarge.


The Original Render

Original Podium Render


Post Processed Image

433 High Street - Post Processed



Once again, this is purely a personal choice based on my preference for a more illustrative style to my renders. I feel that it adds a little more definition and detail to my final image. Just MHO. Cheers!

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