Find my iPhone… Brilliant!

I recently decided to make a quick stopover at our local Nando’s after a particularly long day at work. Parked right in front of the joint and stepped out with my phone. Ordered my usual lot and waited in their lounge. Typed a couple of messages, made a call to Meenal and a mate. And once my order was ready, walked out with quite a handful of stuff back to my car. Plonked the stuff in and drove home.

Now while stuffing my face with all of Nando’s peri-peri goodness, Meenal kept asking me where my phone was. And i kept insisting it was either in my jacket pocket or in my bag. When it couldn’t be found at either of those spots, she immediately pulled up Find my iPhone on the iPad. And voila, it locates in exactly in front of the Nando’s store.

iPhone Located

I kept thinking about an article I read about the location having a margin of error by a couple of meters and thought I definitely must’ve left it in the lounge of the store. I gave the store a call and spoke to the lady who took my order. Upon telling her that I was sure I left the phone in the store and specifically the lounge, she insisted that there was no phone left in the store. I told them to expect me down there in a few minutes to look for my phone personally. I arrive at the store, stopping at the same parking spot too. Step out and find my phone, laying face down at my feet! Exactly where Find my iPhone had marked it! Quick inspection and it seems to be in mint condition.

Hallelujah! It was once lost… But now is found.

I now walk into the store and apologise to the ladies in the store.

After all the critique I kept putting up with, whether the MobileMe service was worth it… I finally find myself feeling vindicated. Thank you Apple… Thank you Find my iPhone! 🙂

As a footnote, a few issues I found with the process;

  • Would have loved for the app to have pushed the location to us, rather than have to keep refreshing the app every few seconds. That on Voda’s “blazing” network speeds… Is literally like watching paint dry. Its painful.

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